Expert Knowledge
         Smart Systems
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Expert Knowledge
         Smart Systems
               Proven Value

Expert Knowledge
         Smart Systems
               Proven Value

Expert Solutions For Residential Building Developers Expert Solutions For Residential Building Developers

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Is your software delivering value?

At EDJI we focus on 3 key metrics:

Brand Equity

Brand equity makes your company more valuable as well as
delivering value in more subtle ways:

  • Your real estate offerings earn a premium
  • Your customers are part of your sales team
  • You avoid expensive litigation and bad publicity
  • Productivity

    Productivity and efficiency reduce the cost of building as well as
    ensure on time delivery:

  • Build faster with less representatives
  • Ensure correct process with clear ownership at every step
  • Identify bottlenecks and delays ahead of time
  • Execution Quality

    High level of execution increases confidence in timelines and
    ensures customer satisfaction:

  • Always be on top of the latest changes
  • Keep track of homebuyer design choices and finishes
  • Build once and correctly
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    Delivering Value

    How do we do that?

  • Our products embed best practices in the construction industry workflow.
  • Our smart system tracks process, logistics and design to ensure on-time and correct installation.
  • We train, advise and support to ensure our systems and processes are adopted across the organization.
  • We integrate all stakeholders and enforce a strict process to minimize errors and establish an audit trail.
  • We provide a dynamic homebuyers portal that they can access at any time.
  • The result:

  • Compared to the manual process, representative can manage 2-3 times more apartments.
  • Homebuyer change orders are correctly priced and charged - turning a loss line-item into profit.
  • Linking deliveries to change orders reduces supplier billing errors by about estimated 5%.
  • Cross checking service calls against warranty and build history prevents many costly fixes.
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  • Track landowners and property data
  • Provide landowners a dynamic portal
  • Update landowners using secure messages
  • View status and summary reports
  • Plans and Change Management

  • Manage homebuyers architectural plans
  • Create and price change orders
  • Provide homebuyers a dynamic portal
  • Send secure messages to homebuyers
  • Enable digital signatures
  • Provide site manager with latest plans
  • View status and summary reports
  • Selection and Finishes

  • Manage homebuyer finishes and selections
  • Verify selections against change orders
  • Manage delivery inventory and schedule
  • Cross-check delivery against plans
  • Track and report
  • Warranty Period

  • Service calls via homebuyer portal
  • Validate coverage against warranty
  • Cross check against building history
  • Manage contractors and update homebuyers
  • Track and report
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